miércoles, 18 de abril de 2012

Mapamundi Tourist

Un mapamundi para la Agencia de Viajes SB. Color de los edificios por Federico Duelli.

Um mapamundi para SB, Agência de viajes. Federico Duelli fez a cor dos edifícios.
Un mapamundi pour l'Agence de Tourism SB, de Cordoba. Federico Duelli a fait le couleur des bâtiments.
The whole world for a Travel Agency of Cordoba, SB. Federico Duelli colorized the buildings.

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victordopazo@hotmail.com dijo...


me gustaria poder tener una imagen para mis hijos.. como se puede conseguir..viene en tamaño grande??

Victor Dopazo

Entre Rios


Anónimo dijo...

Hi, I really like your artistic style and enjoyed looking through your art works, however, as an Iranian, I needed to say that your depiction of Iran is not accurate in your world map.
Iran is not a big desert with lizards and snakes as the most important animals living in the area (maybe you'd mistaken Saudi Arabia with Iran?). Among many other animals Iranian falcons, eagles, panthers, cheetahs, horses, wolves bears, foxes and gazelles are well-known in the region. Almost all northern parts of Iran are green forests and the western part is covered by a series of usually snow-covered mountains with the rest of it covered in light flora coverage except for a line by the seas in south and a small circle in the middle that would be the dry uninhabitable lands.
Aside from that, Mullahs do NOT represent this country and ONLY Arabs wear those red patterned bird nests not Iranians (the Iranians usually wear either a black one or a white one) and even more importantly, women do NOT wear burghas or blue sheets from head to toe in Iran (the majority of them wear a Manto which is some sort of a light raincoat and a light scarf around their heads), the ones in the map, are mainly worn in Afghanistan. And since you included buildings and structures in your map as well, there are LOADS of important historical sights and buildings, bridges and towers in Iran (e.g. the Azadi tower in Tehran or the Cyrus's tomb) that would represent Iran way better than the structure you included.
Iran also has pomegranates, Saffron and Pistachios as it's non-meal food icons since ancient times along with its wine (from before) and tea and just in case, ancient Iranians and some of them now are by default fire-worshippers. Just needed to point these sharp differences out real quick.
Nice job on all the other ones though! Since there's a lot going on in most images, they're all very interesting and entertaining.

Daniel dijo...

Good morning,

what a complete description! Thanks for all the data that I don't know. Please forgive my unknowledge about this place of the world, I had not too much time for the information search. The other problem is that, in a very little space, maybe the characters could be not well placed...

I am looking the map of Iran now, and I have to recognize that I did your contry not so big at it is in a real map. My mistake. But it was not an exhaustive map.

This work was commited by a Tourism Agency, and I searched a lot of information about differents parts of the world. Some places, people, buildings, plants and food I just knew about its existence, in this opportunity. Of course I couldn't do a travel, as a crazy wish i could think, for see with my own eyes what marvellous things I could draw... the time for information was not so much, even for looking for in internet.

In some countries, the space on the map isn't enough for the characters, and that's why some characters can "invade" a place which is not the real.

About the marvelous places (this Azadi Tower is amazing!), and the flora and Fauna, myself I surely would be astonished in front of all this... And knowing the people, and eating the delighful typical food... Please just excuse my default. The map was about a lot of places of the world, it's very difficult being fair with all.

Anyway, I loved your comment. Perhaps I could go to Iran some day and see with my own eyes! Also thanks for your comment about the blog in general.

Best wishes!

Daniel dijo...

I also have to say that I am very happy because of you and other people that can see my work. This answer about Iran is maybe the most interesting comment of the blog, very nice and full of love about the country where you born!


Unknown dijo...

Hola! algun mail para contactarte?

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